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We would all love to prevent cavities, but this can be easier said than done. Maybe you don’t know where to start when maintaining your dental health. Dr. Ami Desai and our team are happy to offer some general guidelines.

Consistent Dental Hygiene
Practicing good dental hygiene is your first line of defense against tooth decay. Consistent dental hygiene involves brushing your teeth twice a day (for two minutes each time) and flossing once a day.

Avoid or Reduce Consumption of Sugary & Acidic Foods & Beverages
Bacteria that live in the oral cavity feed off of sugar. If you reduce your sugar intake, you can also reduce the amount of cavity-causing bacteria in your oral cavity. When going grocery shopping, check the labels for sugar content. You should also be wary of acidic foods and beverages. This is because acid can damage the tooth enamel. This in turn can lead to cavities.

Drink Lots of Water
Drinking water is essential to upholding optimal oral health. Make an effort to drink water throughout the day to rinse away food and dilute acids in the mouth.

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