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It’s best to avoid tooth decay before it affects your oral health and causes adverse health conditions such as tooth loss and gum disease. Cavities continue to grow without treatment and spreading across the tooth. Dental sealants may provide the protection your teeth need to avoid the development of tooth decay.

Your back teeth are also referred to as molars and premolars, and they are often at a higher risk of tooth decay than other teeth because their chewing surfaces have deep grooves that are not only hard to clean, but can trap bacteria and plaque, causing you to suffer large cavities. Dental sealant may help prevent these cavities by protecting the chewing surfaces.

Our team paints the plastic resin shells onto the back teeth and uses a special ultraviolet light to harden them into a strong barrier that blocks bacteria from invading the biting surfaces. It’s typically best to apply dental sealants right after you receive a dental checkup, when the tooth enamel is clean and unaffected by cavities. Dental sealants can last in your smile for many years, withstanding daily teeth brushing and oral care.

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