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If you have crooked or misaligned pearly whites, your dentist or orthodontist can help you with orthodontics. After looking over your dental history, administering a dental examination and taking special dimension measurements of your chompers, Dr. Ami Desai will recommend which orthodontic or dental process is the best for you.

These ailments typically necessitate orthodontic treatment:

Crossbite. Crossbite develops when the upper pearly whites don’t rest in front of the lower teeth, usually due to a narrow upper jaw.

Crowding. Crowding occurs when too many pearly whites make it impossible for the dental ridge to accommodate teeth accordingly.

Misplaced midline. A misplaced midline occurs when the center of the upper front pearly whites doesn’t align with the center of the lower front chompers.

Open bite. Open bites are when there is a gap between resting biting surfaces of the teeth.

Overbite. Overbite, also referred to as “buck chompers,” is a sickness where the upper incisors stick out past the lower pearly whites.

Spacing problems. Gaps, slits and spaces between pearly whites can cause cosmetic problems and dental health problems.

Underbite. Underbites occur when the upper chompers are too far behind the lower teeth, fashioning the bite misaligned.

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