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Do you often get extremely nervous or anxious when going to the dentist? Are you often afraid of any discomfort or pain you may encounter when having an oral health care procedure? If so, you suffer from what is known as dental anxiety. Guidelines regarding dental anxiety include the following:

– Squeeze toys have often been shown to help treat dental anxiety, including squeeze balls, fidget spinners, and other stress relieving products.
– Sedation dentistry can be used to help calm your nerves. This includes the use of sedatives such as nitrous oxide. If you still feel pain after a sedative has been administered, be sure to speak up to make sure the right dosage can be administered.
– Dental anxiety is often based on noises heard at the dentist office. As a treatment, calming music can be implemented during your dental procedures.
– Dental anxiety and breathing are often linked. Try breathing slower and deeper, and count your breaths.
– Place your mind in an area where you’re comfortable, including your happy place, such as at the ocean or a park.
– For specific dental anxiety treatments, consult with your dentist.

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